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Asterium — best family and friend locator

You always know exactly where family, relatives, friends, pets and your auto are located.
Use your smartphone like GPS tracker, kid smartwatch G36/Q50 or a TK102B device

Track them now

About Asterium

The application «Asterium» — is a powerful, versatile, but simple and convenient tool for monitoring and control.

Your children, relatives and friends under supervision — you always know who is where and when they got home, school or office. Watch and communicate without any limits!

Unite with friends and mates in Hubs — original groups.

Create hubs for their clubs, bicycle and automobile races, joint trips. Freely communicate and coordinate joint action through a shared interactive map.

Your car has the head unit with Android 2.3 and up — great!

Install the app on your car and watch the movements from your smartphone or tablet.

Ā«AsteriumĀ» is constantly evolving and expands list of supported GPS / GLONASS equipment.

Connect to your account hardware GPS trackers to control the location of any object.

Clients feedbacks

A bit unusual at first, but then very convenient! It's great that the tracker and map in one app and you can enable tracking by the widget. When I come back late - husband meets me. Now the chat appeared, thank you!

Elena Ahlama - Asterium User

The first system, which satisfied me. It works stable, well and increase functionality over time.

Naru Ootori - Asterium User

It works quickly, smoothly, without bugs. I would like more functional (as in the version of browser), for example, viewing tracks.

Gleb H. - Asterium User

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Application is already avaliable in Google Play!

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